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  • Bilal Benjamin

Appearance Matters!

Appearance matters! Just like context and perception. Imagine being told something isn’t for you time after time. Well welcome to the cold, cruel world Black women live in day to day. The barriers are still being broken for Black women to have equal pay within the arts and entertainment business, so I’m sure every industry has it’s holes to fill. Look at the huge disparity in pay between the NBA and WNBA. Sure, the NBA’s fan base may be bigger, but why is that? Can we figure out a way to market women better, in a league that is majority African American?

I personally view Black women as phenomenal, breath taking, and simply misunderstood. 

Semblance will elaborate on these characteristics and give us all a picture perfect view into Black women’s mind and thought process on life, society and so much more. The intrigue I have for this particular project is high. 

About Semblance 

“From Artistic Instigator, NYTW Usual Suspect & former 2050 Fellow Whitney White, SEMBLANCE is a filmed theatrical experience that asks us to examine how Black women are perceived and how we interact with the Black feminine.

In your everyday life, how do you encounter Black women? As the first voice you hear when you bump your favorite diva’s new song? A millisecond of eye contact with the lady who made your salad? A brief conversation with the woman watching your kids? A coworker? A politician on the screen? Perhaps you simply have to look in the mirror.

What do you see? What do you assume?”

After reading this passage I believe there’s people out there that do not even understand why these questions are being asked. That’s why projects like Semblance are very important. 

Ladies, if you want a night out with your friends or date night with your other half this is a must see. Fellas, if you want to surprise and maybe impress your other half you won’t forget going to this show. Even if you aren’t comfortable coming outside just yet there will be a remote virtual experience for all to watch in the comfort of their homes. 

False narratives are usually created to degrade the subject at hand. Let’s use Semblance as a step in the right direction to change the narrative. 

Purchase tickets at

By: Bilal Benjamin

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