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It’s STILL Going Down in Hadestown!! & Bad Cinderella was GOOD to me! Vol 3😊

“Not everyone gets to be a God and don’t forget that times are hard!” is one of the first lyrics we hear from the opening number, “Road to Hell” in the Broadway musical, Hadestown. And in our third year of continued unprecedented times, it is clear why this 8-time Tony award-winning musical is still so relevant today!

Hadestown originally premiered on Broadway in 2019 and has continued its trip to hell and back since! 😊 Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, Hadestown tells the infamous love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. While we know their love story gives more Titanic than Disney’s Cinderella, this unique take on it also sheds light on the social class dynamics of the haves and have-nots of their world. In this version, will Orpheus and Eurydice’s circumstances determine their fate, or will their trust and love for one another persevere? As Hermes sings at the beginning, I’ll just say it’s a “sad song”, y’all!

Directed by Rachel Chavkin with music, book, and lyrics by Anais Mitchell and choreography by David Neuman, Hadestown is probably one of my favorite recent Broadway musical experiences! The music, mood, and movements (along with the amazing set design by Rachel Hauck!) beautifully blend to immerse you into an eerie, mythical, mysterious world!

The current cast is stellar, with two of the original Broadway leads (Reeve Carney and Eva Nobelezada) still killing it, and recently added, the legendary Lillias White as Hermes, Tom Hewitt, as Hades himself, and the captivating Jewelle Blackman stepping up in the role of Persephone. The Fates and the ensemble, known as the chorus in this story, were also phenomenal. It was the dancing and the face for me! Special shout-outs to Malcolm Armwood, Alex Puette, and Grace Yoo, we see you!

After just recently celebrating its 1000th performance, (which is no small feat in today’s Broadway life, and times) Hadestown has proven it is a show for the Gods, AND the people. With such a dynamic, and diverse company, we are certain they are bound to celebrate 1000 more performances!

After all, the story is about one of our most cherished virtues as humans: Love. 😊 And just like Orpheus and Eurydice, no matter the end, we keep on trying again! Go “raise your cups” and see this show y’all because while Hadestown may be underground, this show is “Livin’ on top”!

I thoroughly enjoyed the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most recent offering, Bad Cinderella. This modernized and progressive take on the fairytale classic was shockingly hilarious! Written by Emerald Fennell with Book adaptation by Alexis Scheer and song lyrics by David Zippel, Bad Cinderella remixes the original where in this version, the leading lady isn’t in search of a prince to free her from her misfortune- she can do bad all by herself! And as a matter of fact- there isn’t even a Prince Charming in sight to save her- at first 😊

The scenic and costume design by Gabriela Tylesova was so good that yes, even Disney

would be jealous! We were immediately drawn into this whimsical world in an opening number that included the entire jam-packed cast! With many twists and turns along the way in this story, stand-out performances were given by the formidable Carolee Carmello as Stepmother, Grace McLean as the Queen, and Jordan Dobson as Prince Sebastian! Linedy Genao in the titular role also gives vocals in her solo number! The athletic, and versatile ensemble twirled in and out of their parts well while consistently providing additional comedic relief throughout.

While the show stays true to the original story in some ways, one of my favorite twists and surprises was in the reveal of Prince Charming (played by Cameron Loyal with a show-stealing number!) coming out in a way that we historically have not seen Prince Charming! As our friend Lin Manuel-Miranda once said, “Love is Love is Love” and let’s just say in this musical love wins in the end friends!

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It’s a good time and a curious twist on a classic we all know and cherish. Also, Cameron Loyal, y’all. Phew. 😊. Go see it!

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