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  • Bilal Benjamin


The Cultures Holiday

June 19, 1865 the day my ancestors were freed as slaves. It took our government 156 years to make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

As a black man I could go on and on about how insulting it is, but I rather be part of the change and commend those responsible for signing off on our holiday. Those at the forefront of this historic federal holiday are the activist and leaders on the frontlines who have increased their voices after George Floyd’s untimely and vicious murder. Was that the brutal slain where we drew the line? Maybe, but this holiday to be celebrated has been years in the making.

My hope this Juneteenth is that we never forget it and we carry on the legacy our ancestors started after a hard fought battle for freedom to even make this day be possible.

This weekend and beyond, support black owned businesses in whatever capacity you possibly can. Sometimes a like, follow or view can go a long way. Black culture is often imitated and rarely celebrated. We are in position to change that! Happy Juneteenth.

Written by: Bilal Benjamin

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